Sartorial Trips was born to facilitate the connection of unique sartorial craftsmen with individuals from around the world who appreciate sartorial beauty and recognize the quality of luxury.

Through Sartorial Trips, you can discover a whole variety of upcoming trunk shows in every major city of the world and directly rsvp to them.

If you can't find what you are looking for, you can vote for a specific tailor, shirtmaker, shoemaker or accessory maker to travel to your city and Sartorial Trips will help organize the trunk show.

You can also visit our Shop and purchase a private bespoke visit to your home.

If you're an artisan who would like to work with us, please contact us! Sartorial Trips has showrooms in the heart of Paris and in midtown New York.

What is a trunk show?

A trunk show is a short-term event during which craftsmen, who have travelled outside their home town, have the opportunity to visit customers. A trunk show is generally conducted via private appointments in a shop, showroom or hotel.
Savile Row tailors have been traveling overseas to hold trunk shows for hundreds of years. However, today, the trunk show model has become increasingly attractive in the industry thanks to its advantages compared to e-commerce and physical retail. 

What can you expect at a trunk show?

A trunk show enables you to meet and discuss directly with the craftsman behind the brand on a one-to-one basis, and ultimately, purchase products. Most brands that hold trunk shows offer a made-to-measure service. The tailor, shoemaker or accessory maker will give you the possibility to choose among various fabrics, materials and styles, and will take your measurements to create a personalized product made just for you.


Image courtesy of  Maison Sirven

Image courtesy of Maison Sirven


This line of products have been previously designed, produced and are ready to be sold by brands either at a shop or trunk show.  There is no customization involved, except for sleeve shortening in some cases.  Also known as "Off The Rack."



The meaning of Made-to-Measure can vary from brand to brand, but in general, it is a garment that starts from an existing pattern or model and is then tweaked to the client's body.  The term Made-to-Measure is more commonly used for clothing than for shoes.  There are a limited selection of fabrics that can be chosen from, but the offering will not be as varied as the full bespoke service.  Two fittings are generally required, depending on the brand.



Made-to-Order is the Made-to-Measure equivalent for footwear.  A variety of existing lasts will be offered and the client will select the model of his or her choice.  From there, the client then selects the leather, sole, finishing, embroidery and desired details.  The range of customization is extensive, but not as wide as the full bespoke service.  This is for those who tend to fit nicely in Ready-to-Wear shoes, but that would like to pick their own leather and colors that are not offered in Ready-to-Wear.  In some cases, clothing brands also offer Made-to-Order, meaning that they will order an existing Ready-to-Wear model for you in a standardized size they do not have available right away.   



The term bespoke refers to a garment made from a completely new pattern made just for you based on your measurements, posture and physical traits.  Appointments should be made and the process will start with a 1-on-1 consultation with the tailor.  The first meeting's aim will be to discuss fabrics, details, and establish a rapport with the artisan.  Measurements will then be taken.  A few weeks to a month later, a first basted try-on will be done to make any initial changes.  The garments will come unfinished, without lining and sleeves very loosely attached so the tailor can make changes right away.  A few weeks later, a second fitting will be done, this time with lining attached and details included, but still without buttonholes.  The third and final fitting will serve to make sure everything is falling properly and make any minor tweaks.  The garment can then be finished and delivered.  For clothing, turnaround time can take between 8 to 10 weeks (depending if the tailor is dealing with a new client or an existing one) and shoes may take up to 3 or 4 months.