Origin  Rome, Italy
Specialty  Bespoke Shoemaking
Lines & Prices Bespoke €2.400+

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We came twenty years ago, after a long probationary period, during which we looked for the best materials to make high quality shoes.

In principle, a small workshop. Few tools, few leathers, but a lot of enthusiasm. Craftsmanship has always been our passion and we established our business on it.

In the Bocache&Salvucci laboratory, every day we devote ourselves, with passion and precision to the creation of each pair of shoes going through every processing steps: the creation of the form, the conception of the model, the delicate phase of the coating, until the magic moment in which the customer can finally wear them.

When a client decides to treat himself to dream of Bocache&Salvucci shoes, the first step is choosing the model. Than with an elegant and fluent gesture the master shoemakers proceed to this seemingly simple, but fundamental task, tracing the outline of the foot and, with meticulous precision, measuring the length, width, height and girth. Thereafter, the selected model will be drawn minutely on its form, transferred on the card, and finally divided into the different parts making up the vamp.

The choice of a suitable leather is a very important step to produce a comfortable and successful shoe. The materials chosen by the customer among a wide range of leathers, from the most common to the rarest ones, in an endless selection of colors and shades, are personally sourced by us, only after a long and careful research.

As with any work of art, realizing the model, which consists of cutting the leather, is the most delicate step. We choose the best part of the skin that is stretched in order to verify the direction, the elongation and the degree of elasticity. Then, thanks to a special tool, called “trincetto” we proceed to divide the various parts of the vamp which, hereinafter, will be after-assembled by the hemming machine.

Our creations are unique because they represent the style of the wearer. In fact, our prerogative is the ability to interpret the taste and style of each client, whether it be European, American, Arabic or Russian.

However, the wearer of the “custom” wants an object also excellent in terms of comfort. For this reason, we devote much time to the fitting, refining the shape and the pattern, which will be tailored to the needs of the customer’s foot. The goal is delivering our customers a perfect shoe line, comfortable to wear.

Our shoes are appreciated all over the world and to satisfy and to meet the needs of our customers we reach them with regular visits in their countries. These trunk shows are very appreciated by them and by us as well, so that, in many cases, it becomes a good opportunity to deal with fashion, and having long talks.
These trips are a source of great inspiration, as long as all the stylish people we had the pleasure to meet. It is a wonderful opportunity to show the passion and honesty with which, day after day, together with our staff we are dedicated to the realization of a “jewelry to wear.”