Origin  Madrid, Spain
Specialty  Bespoke shirtmaking
Lines & Prices  Bespoke Shirt €220+

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The iconic Camisería Burgos was founded in 1906 by Julian P. Burgos and a few years later acquired by Santiago Olave. Historically and even today, Burgos represents quality and tradition in bespoke shirts, pyjamas and boxers. For years, Camisería Burgos also had a house in Paris. Our distinguished and wide clientele includes members of the royal family, large company owners in the country, bullfighters, actors and today, also young executives worldwide who appreciate this craftsmanship of high quality.

Today, at the forefront of Burgos is Carmen Alvarez Olave, the third generation of shirtmakers, grand daughter of Santiago Olave. She is adapting the business to changing times, and has successfully initiated the international projection of Burgos.


A shirt from Burgos begins its process of creation with the choice of fabric swatches among the best suppliers, who offer a variety of poplin, voile, fil à fil or linen, to name a few. If the customer does not find the fabric he wants, we seek among the best international suppliers.

We take 10 measurements and create an individual pattern. If the client is new to the house, we make the first shirt and once satisfied with the result, proceed with the rest of the order.

We cut the shirt over the customer pattern made in paper. The customer chooses the collar and cuffs, with or without pockets, placket or without it, and so every detail that suits his personality and style.

In Burgos we have so many types of collars.


Sleeves, lined and sides are sewn by hand. The shirt is also cut by hand. Buttonholes and initials are embroidered by hand. Seven people work on the shirt before the customer receives it.

Once the customer's pattern and preferred style are confirmed, they will be filed and it won't be necessary to take new measurements if the customer's physique does not alter.

A Burgos client can make his orders by phone or by e-mail and get swatches, which will be mailed at no cost.


Besides our shirts, Burgos has always stood out for making Guayaberas as there aren’t many shops that make this garment, especially with a bespoke service.

Surprisingly, one must know that fine guayabera shirts are dress code in tropical countries. Usually they are dressed in solemn ceremonies and are all formally accepted in Caribbean islands, South America and Miami.

In some countries, this garment is known as`‘safari jacket’

The guayabera is back in fashion, and demand is increasingly growing.

In Burgos, we make them in fabrics like linen or poplin and voile.