Origin  Paris, France
Specialty  Infamous roped shoulder
Lines & Prices  RTW suit €2,800+ | MTM suit €3,400+ | Bespoke suit €6,000+

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CIFONELLI : THE Bespoke experience

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"A secret cut, invented by Arturo is one the Cifonelli corner stones. This cut gave birth to the Cifonelli shoulder, reverted and shifted toward the front to insure a sharp, masculine stature, and an unrivaled freedom of movement. The cigarette sleeve came out naturally reflecting the natural position of the arm.

At the same time, respecting his unique identity, Cifonelli’s cuts and lines are constantly changing… Massimo et Lorenzo, the 4th generation of the family, are inspired by the contemporary daily life to reinvent men’s couture, and find the perfect fit, the perfect jacket for each man.

There is a unique link between the tailor and his customer. Each model is like a demonstration of an unlimited savoir-faire and a total focus on the uniqueness of each person, on understanding the requests, reading the body shape, recreating the best ‘allure’ of each customer.

Next to the Lounge is the Cutting room, where Lorenzo and Massimo create the patterns, mark the models, cut, control, improve… More than 130 years of know-how focused on getting a better fit, pattern, and of course technique.

Beyond are the different rooms of the ateliers, where no less than 40 experts and passionate workers create each day unique garments.

At least three trials are needed on the first suit to reach the perfect fit, and then approximately eighty hours are required to create a bespoke suit with all the details a demanding customer can expect: Milan-style buttonholes, step collars, mousquetaire cuffs, half-belts, special lapels and o ther stylistic devices.

They all perfectly symbolise the spirit of Cifonelli, a true men’s haute couture company."



via Cifonelli



"For the last 134 years, Cifonelli has been at the vanguard of the luxury tailoring establishing itself as “The most prestigious tailor in Paris“ (*) and it represents the pinnacle in tailoring combining its impeccable technique, the high quality fabrics and the modern touch with its homogeneity between French tradition, Italian lightness and English structuralism. All these pieces put together are the reason why each garment is perceived as a true work of art.

Cifonelli offers today the best expression of modern bespoke tailoring and the vision of modern fine clothing through its Ready-to- Wear collection with a hand-made craftsmanship technique which is being recognized and praised.


The Cifonelli famous shoulder is cut towards the front and offers an unrivalled freedom of movement or the high armholes, which refine the figure. A large number of creations demonstrate this perfect command of forms and materials.

Milan-style buttonholes, step collars, special lapels and other stylistic devices perfectly symbolise the spirit of Cifonelli, a true men’s haute couture company."