Origin  Singapore
Specialty  Bespoke tailoring
Lines & Prices  Bespoke €2,000+

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"The underlying philosophy of Dylan & Son. Sartorial revolves around creating a clean, minimal and precise aesthetic with quiet details. 

Forget about all the intimidating technical terms and that elaborate list of steps that you must follow when you go to the tailor's - that's for us to worry about, not you. The sartorial experience should be fun and enjoyable; and not leave you feeling exhausted and brain-dead by the end of the session. There are only three key components that we emphasize. Everything else is optional.

Our three fundamental elements are (in order):
1. Fit / Cut
2. Colours / Fabrics
3. Style / Details

Just like power is nothing without control, fabric is nothing without fit. 

The majority of men who tailor their clothes will probably list fabric-selection as their top concern. While that is undoubtedly a critical aspect, the cut of the clothes remains our principal priority. It is of utmost importance to achieve a proportioned silhouette. Our absolute belief is that fit is everything - even a shirt made of the finest Egyptian cotton will look awful if the sleeves are too long and excess fabric balloons out at the waist. The fit is akin to the foundation of a structure. Get it right, and half the battle is won.

For a good part of the decade, men have been treated like the new women; we were encouraged to play with colours, textures and patterns like never before. One of the main draws of made-to-measure apparel is the opportunity to select unique fabrics that will distinguish them from their peers. However, with all these options come a bigger margin for error. Our suggestion is to let one thing you are wearing speak, and everything else be quiet. Successful colour co-ordination for men is actually pretty simple; there is a proven palette that every man can utilize.

Unless your name is Lapo Elkann, mere mortals like you and me will probably struggle to pull off an outfit with an orgy of colours and busy patterns.

As the saying goes - too many cooks spoil the soup. Being staunch subscribers to the 'less is more' school of thought, we firmly believe that the well-dressed gentleman should exude understated elegance. His presence should not be announced by shouting, but by evoking silent recognition upon a closer look. In menswear, it is all about subtlety - you don't need to wear a shirt with three arms to standout. Being remembered by new acquaintances  as 'that guy with the funky cuffs and collar' is not exactly a compliment.

Some of the most stylish men in history, like Cary Grant, Fred Astaire and Paul Newman, did not charm legions of women and inspire generations of men by wearing outlandish clothes. That being said, nobody wants to be stuck in the 1950s. But by adhering to the timeless classics and giving them a contemporary update, you too can look like a star."