Origin  London, UK
Specialty  Famous structured shoulder and generous peak lapel
Lines & Prices  MTM suit £2000+ | Bespoke suit £5400+

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via Edward Sexton


"The notion of romance has a unique significance for Edward Sexton. Not only is our approach to bespoke clothing influenced primarily by a genuine love for the tailor’s art, but Edward’s influences are distinctly romantic and nostalgic; the Sexton aesthetic is has its origins in the understated and masculine gentleman’s dress of the Art Deco era; the 1920s and 30s, as well as in the enduring glamour of the Jazz Age. It was a time of unique experimentation and discovery in bespoke tailoring; where every man wore fine suits and cared meticulously for his appearance. Clothes really did maketh the man, as we believe they continue to do today. Edward not only loves cutting beautiful clothes, but also to dress the customer beautifully; romancing his suits and customers with a delicate balance of stylish accessories, shirting and accoutrements, producing a classical vision of masculinity.

Allow us to demonstrate to you the romance of a Sexton suit.

On Cut and Silhouette
Coats are cut long, with an elegant line through the body; the chest is cut-full and expressed beautifully, the waist elegantly suppressed for a classical hourglass shape and the skirt flares gently over the hips.

The Sexton silhouette is deeply architectural, ideal for creating a dynamic impression in the boardroom or on the red carpet. Shoulders are clearly defined and sleeveheads firmly roped for a powerful aesthetic. We appreciate of course that not every customer lives in the public eye, and this strength of shape can easily be softened for customers in need of something slightly smoother, which still retains that signature sense of elegance.

Lapels sweep over the chest in a long, leafy line. The length of the lapel will be determined by the customer’s physique and personal requirements; a high lapel can create a long, well-built frame and a low lapel builds shape into the chest, contributing to a sense of authentic Art Deco styling.

Single-breasted button-one jackets with broad peak lapels evoke a strong sense of 1930s style. Button-two jackets carry a more understated elegance, but remember never to fasten the bottom button. Button-three jackets offer a sporty look and work well with a centre vent and slanted pockets. Double-breasted jackets add a sense of gravitas, and retain a formal quality. Waistcoats likewise add stature, with clean, deeply pointed single-breasted waistcoat being the most simple and elegant variant. Double-breasted waistcoats are powerful and can add a sense of occasion to a single-breasted suit."


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