Origin  London, UK
Specialty  British bespoke tailoring
Lines & Prices  N/A

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via Fumiya Hirano


"The style that I am most proud of is British men's tailoring as the main axis, it is a superb style that incorporates the feeling of English cut of learned in delicate and beautiful sewing in Japan and Sabirraw.  A small arm hole designed to a high position which is a feature of English cut, an English drape which is tight but tight from the chest to the waist but has been squeezed moderately. 
Sewing of the shoulder, sleeves, collar, lapel stitches, interlining combination, cotton, lining, buttonhole sewing directly related to comfort is done without sewing, all sewn by hand sewing. By taking this method, it is difficult to understand in the eyes, but comfort also becomes a thing of a completely different dimension. 
We will propose the refined exquisite balanced bespoke suit that you never had before with the sense of air of the United Kingdom and beautiful sewing technique for each customer one by one."