Origin  Ginosa, Apulia, Italy
Specialty  Handmade Italian shirts; 25 passages by hand
Lines & Prices  RTW €229+ | Drawyours €279+

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via G. Inglese

"I was born in Ginosa, a small provincial town, between Taranto and Matera.

Since my tender age, I used to go to the family’s tailor’s shop, the place that has contributed to let me into “my world”. My memories and many stories are always present, the setting is a kind of magic beyond words, the scent of the iron’s steam when touching the cloths will always be unforgettable.

The attendance of the workshop and the traditional rigid education have taught me the simplicity, the sacrifice, the dedication and to sharpen the skills.The curiosity, the desire to learn, to discover and travel gave me the opportunity to experience beauty. A quality which I became attached to and that I carry in any moment.The generous and friendly reception that the international market has reserved to my creations, has allowed me to think of a business model that could answer to my ideals and to my philosophy.

In 2000 I bought an historic building in the old town centre of Ginosa. It was conceived to develop projects related to the sartorial tradition, but most of all to design a new model that could intensify the relationship business-territory, my own interpretation of beautyartconviviality and hospitality.

Today, even if not completed, the project is attracting in Ginosa many distinguished personalities from the world. It was also imitated and baptized “sartorial tourism”."