Origin  Fontainebleau, France
Specialty  Bespoke Leather Goods
Lines & Prices  RTW $375+ | Bespoke N/A

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via  G. Lancelot

Luxury goods are meant to be timeless

"G. Lancelot products are concieved, designed and handcrafted with the idea that luxury goods should be timeless. Even more, they should benefit time, getting a unique patina with every day, month, year. Our craftsmen’s skills are the result of years of experience, leathers come the most prestigious tanneries, our style is a genuine and timeless elegance.


People often speak about the « luxury industry » ; indeed, hands have been replaced by machines, craftsmen have been replaced by salesforce, customers have been replaced by consumers and targets. Luxury goods are first produced by the thousands - and then pushed into consumers’ hands with the help of large-scale advertising campaigns and celebrity endorsment. The customer relashionship only lasts enough for him to enter his credit card pin. But another customer is already coming in.

For G. Lancelot, luxury cannot be an industry. A travel bag cannot be designed without knowing its owner’s aspirations. A wallet cannot be handcrafted without making sure that it perfectly answers the needs of the one who will have it in his hands day after day.

For G. Lancelot, luxury is most of all about the individual. We care about meeting our client, listening to him, advising him and in the end knowing him. Luxury is also a way to reconsider time ; the time to conceive the perfect product together ; the time to turn a sketch into a piece of condensed savoir-faire using exquisite leathers ; and it is the time to watch the product getting nicer and finer day after day, year after year.

In other words, our vision of luxury is to really serve our client and deliver the highest level of quality ; and the best way we found to achieve this is through craftsmanship."