Origin  London, UK
Specialty  British bespoke tailoring
Lines & Prices  Bespoke £3,990+

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The Story at Savile Row

via Henry Poole


"We have occupied our current premises at 15 Savile Row since 1982. Our showroom and cutting room are situated on the ground floor, with our tailoring workshops and Livery Department just below ground level. Clients make the journey to Savile Row from Japan, the United States, Europe and beyond to have everything they need tailor-made from scratch and precisely to order—from morning dress and evening dress, to bespoke suits, blazers and sports jackets as well as shirts, top coats and overcoats.

At our Savile Row showroom, customers can choose from over 6,000 cloth swatches ranging from luxury worsted cashmere suitings from mills in Huddersfield, Yorkshire, to rich flannels from the West Country and pure cashmere, together with fine tweeds from the Islands of the Outer Hebrides and the Scottish Borders. The result: you can not only be sure that what we make for you will be cut and sewn to fit you alone—you can be just as sure that no one else will be wearing anything exactly the same. To compliment your bespoke wardrobe and to help make it truly one of a kind, we offer a large selection of hand-picked accessories, including ties, cufflinks, braces, belts, socks, and much more. For more information about our accessories, please visit our online store.

We continue to maintain our long tradition as eminent international tailors to our many overseas clients. We therefore make regular visits to France, Germany, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Austria, Japan and ten major cities in the USA."