Origin  Pully, Switzerland
Specialty  Bespoke Belts
Lines & Prices  RTW CHF250+ | Bespoke CHF520+

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Via J. Hopenstand


"J. Hopenstand collection offers you a high range of leather colours, threads, edges, linings and buckles. As many details that will allow you to customise your leather goods, and make them even more unique."


"As long as it was created, the firm focused on the perfect cutting and sewing together. This is the result of a 50-year-old savoir-faire, with an omnipresent care for details and elegance."


"Thanks to the care and attention of our French and Swiss craftsmen, our leather goods are of superior quality, made for duration."


"Our items are made of bull-calf or calf leathers. But we also use exotic skins, such as alligator or karung, all reared under controlled conditions."

Exceptional craftsmen

"They all belong to the Compagnons du devoir (a French organisation of artisans and craftsmen), Meilleurs Ouvriers de France (a French competition for the best craftsmen), Entreprises du Patrimoine Vivant Français (a prestigious French label). Our tanners, leather workers, jewellers and designers have been rewarded for their unique savoir-faire and for respecting the past traditions."