Origin  Florence, Italy
Specialty  Bespoke Shoemaking
Lines & Prices  RTW €805+ | MTO/MTM €966+ | Bespoke €3.000+

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via Mario Bemer


"There are names that are associated with the success of a business, and the name Bemer is inextricably linked to the finest expertise in men’s footwear. The “ars sutoria” transformed the name into a synonym of the finest quality made-to-measure shoes. A history that began in 1982 with Stefano Bemer in a small workshop in Greve in Chianti, and continues with Mario Bemer, who joined his brother in 1999 in their new workshop in the historic center of Florence.


Within those walls steeped with the spirit of the great Florentine artisans, they developed a broader international vision, one which led the two brothers to propose their “tailor made” in foreign markets, primarily Japan, a country widely known for its culture of appreciation for the “custom made”. The Bemer brothers decided to open their first flagship store in Tokyo, presenting not only their “made to measure” collection, but also showcasing a new “ready to wear” line, a product that set a new standard of excellence for the pret-a-porter.


After the untimely death of his brother Stefano in 2012, Mario in 2014 decided to take on a new path along with his partner Luca Nardini and his longtime assistant the Master Seiji Miyagawa. Together they embarked on this new venture, prepared to meet future challenges with a shared enthusiasm.


A “Mario Bemer Firenze” shoe is anything but ordinary, a shoe that is stylish yet distinguished, an accessory that stands out for its flair and absolute timelessness. The shoe is built exclusively by following the guidelines of a Goodyear welted shoe, the only construction that allows the complete regeneration of the shoe any time the client requests it."