Origin  Bologna, Italy
Specialty  Bespoke shirts
Lines & Prices  RTW shirt 300+ | MTM shirt 360+ | Bespoke shirt 415+

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"Strength. Function. Beauty. Convictions behind every MAROL shirt.

Crafted to become old friends for years to come.

Shirtmaker First

Long before we were a company, we were a shirtmaker. Twenty years, to be exact.

When Rosanna started, it wasn’t a career. It was an obsession. She did everything in her power to elevate the quality not of her business, but of her shirts. Not to impress a paying customer, but to satisfy herself. The shirtmaker.

This mentality stuck. It drives painstaking steps in our craft today no one will ever see. Visibility does not matter. They exist in the blind solely for the sake of a better shirt.

Because we were first a shirtmaker.

Not to show. But to feel. To know.

Unlike a jacket, a shirt leads a trying life: worn, hung, washed, not washed, pressed, worn again. Lived in. We make shirts for real life. They hold up to washes. They can be cared for with ease. They soften. They age elegantly, for many years. With you.

Because we were first a shirtmaker.

The Signatures

Thankfully, our craft is not all invisible.

13 stitches in every centimeter of our seams. 2 millimetre side seams and bottom hems. The finest we know of.

An overlap at the bottom of the front panel. To prevent unsightly stretches (perhaps during superb dinners).

A side gusset shaped like a little house. Or casa in Italian.

A hand-attached sleeve, with hand-sewn seams widening gradually from armpit to sleevehead. Balancing maximum comfort with a clean, athletic silhouette.

Hand-cut, hand-sewn buttonholes when fabrics are deemed suitable. In the name of beauty.

Silks from Como. Cotton and linen hand-picked from Egypt and the Caribbean islands. Mother-of-pearl buttons from Australia.

For Decisionmakers

A MAROL shirt is a second skin. It becomes a part of you. It elevates you. Strengthens you. Readies you for the world. Yet we hope you hardly know it’s there.

We have been honoured to make shirts, in utmost discretion, for customers who excelled, performed, led, fought, won, entertained, inspired. Not for “influencers,” but people of influence. For decisionmakers.

But in the end, clothing is not important. Elegance is not conscious. Put on our shirts with care, then get on with it. Live.

That is the ultimate form of luxury."