Origin  Berlin, Germany
Specialty  MTM tailoring
Lines & Prices  MTM suit  €1,450+ | MTM shirt €200+

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Maximilian Mogg runs an eponymous Made-to-Measure boutique based in Berlin. His customers enjoy suits, shirts, accessories, and cashmere knitwear sculpted to fit their bodies. Mogg’s Credo: My children should wear it, my grandchildren should admire it.


Construction & Finishing
All of our suits are fully-canvassed. If you do something, you should do it right. When commissioning a high-quality suit, the last thing you should skimp on is the construction. We also have a weakness for the finer details, such as hand-made button holes or hand-attached collars.

The shoulder-line is possibly the most distinctive part of a tailor’s work and we do not shy away from telling you what should be glaringly obvious: our aesthetic is distinctly British. Our shoulders are roped and extend ever so slightly past the natural shoulder point. This offers a more dynamic and athletic silhouette.

Armhole & Sleeves
Our armholes are cut very high. Aside from its clear functional advantages, it also adds something to the aesthetic. The high armhole affords maximum comfort and freedom of movement while simultaneously stretching the silhouette to make the upper body look more slender. To further accentuate this slender look, we cut our sleeves rather slim, creating a true hourglass shape through the body.

Jacket length
Our jackets are cut unabashedly long. There are many reasons why we don’t appreciate overly short suits. Other than the functional benefits of a longer jacket, it also elongates the silhouette. Our ideal length covers the fork of the trousers. This lengthens the look of the legs and upper body immensely. That being said, we always apply our own formula to determine ideal length. The key things we look at are relative arm length, length of the upper body, and overall body type.

A beautiful suit must have a beautiful back. We cut the back as slim as possible without restricting freedom of movement. This is one of a good tailor’s most important tasks.

Our button stance is relatively low. Generally, the closing button is placed at the natural waist. This will draw the eye to the slimmest point of the body and allow the lapels to achieve their full potential.

Our silhouette has been described as being more traditionally feminine than masculine. This is why our wide lapels play a key role. Wider lapels serve to build up the look of the chest and balance out the overall look.


In almost all cases, we recommend that the trousers have a high rise, about the height of the navel. There are many reasons for this. The two most important, however, are that this elongates the look of the legs and makes sure the wearer avoids showing any shirt under the closing button.

While we accept that this is a point of contention and we always respect our customers’ wishes, we recommend that the trousers be cut wider than most tailors. Not only does this make the trousers more comfortable and look more louche, but it also makes a tall man’s feet appear smaller and more elegant.

The trousers are cut close to the wearer’s seat until its widest point and fall from the seat to the shoe in a straight line.

Our trouser length is highly influenced by tradition. Hence, we do not adhere to the trend of overly short trousers. We appreciate the understatement and luxury of trousers which reach the middle of the heel of the shoe. We generally recommend finishing the hems in a diagonal line (also known as a military cuff) to give the perfect balance between correct trouser length and limited break on the shoe.


The silhouette of our shirts is narrow but not tight. We work with the customer measurements and conjure up a narrow waist and male breast. Our lap is relatively wide, on the one hand to further accentuate the narrow waist and on the other hand, the shirt never slips up.

The back sits narrow again on the wearer. Through the width distribution, we achieve a beautiful profile without darts, without the shirt stretched forward. At the same time, we do not neglect the other maxim: unrestricted freedom of movement.

The chest of our shirts lies flat and does not wrinkle. To achieve this optical delicacy, we turn the armhole forward. This also helps you move forward.

Short shirts are "not our cup of tea." We deliberately cut our shirts longer than the buttocks and finish off with a straight hem. In combination with our high armholes and our high pants, the shirt really has no chance to slip out.

The armholes are up high. The freedom of movement is thus maximized and the shirt always stays in the correct position. In addition, we in turn extend the customer's sideline.

Our cuffs are slim and our sleeves are relatively long - personally we love long cuffs. Through this diabolical mix, our shirt sleeves do not slip over your hand and you can still bend your arm without the shirt disappearing into the jacket sleeve.

We personally love high collars with strong meaningfulness, but do not want to and can not give the customer a look in which he goes down. Far too individual is every face and every physiognomy. Every customer can expect a type-specific consultation from us and will be surprised how much choice we have in store.