Origin  Naples, Italy
Specialty  Bespoke Shoemaker
Lines & Prices  RTW €690+ | MTO N/A | Bespoke €1800+

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hand made

"Passion. Elegance. Pursuit of Perfection. Innovation respecting the Tradition. These are the cardinal points of Paolo Scafora. The artisanal story of our Family starts in the industrious alleys of Naples in 1956. Since then we have been designing and manufacturing high-end shoes, either ready-to-wear and bespoke. Every day we give new life to craft traditions that are fading elsewhere. Our shoes are totally hand-crafted by talented master artisans sharing solid values with our Family: passion, dedication, abnegation. We only use precious leather, such as French calf, American alligator and cordovan, as well as valuable linings of cashmere, ermine and mink. Every shoe is hand-stitched in accordance with the antique methods of the traditional shoe constructions: Bologna, Goodyear, Norwegian and Tyrolese. Each creation is hand-painted and embellished with unique nuances and sophisticated antique colour effects."

the logo

The Paolo Scafora logo embodies the roots, the tradition and the Neapolitan pride of the family-run firm. Indeed, the heart of the logo is the coat of arms of “Terra di Lavoro” (Land of Work), former Province of the Kingdom of Naples, described by the historian Scipione Mazzella in his “Descrittione del Regno di Napoli” (1601). In the middle there are two cornucopias encircled by a royal crown and filled up with the products of “Campania Felix”, the very fertile region celebrated in Ancient Rome. In this logo, the coat of arms is embellished with two rampant lions, symbols of strength and bravery. At the bottom there are two inscriptions: “Genius Loci”, the supernatural entity protecting the territory and the hard work of the local communities; “Neapolis”, the beloved city of Naples preserving an incomparable craftsmanship tradition century after century.

paolo scafora, the neapolitan craftsmanship

Paolo Scafora’s ambitious mission has always been creating totally handmade shoes, featuring excellent quality. Without compromises. This goal is daily achieved through a tenacious and passionate work aimed at preserving the heritage of the traditional Neapolitan craftsmanship. Modern elements like embracing lines, comfortable volumes and sophisticated nuances, meet the cornerstones of the ancient shoe Constructions. Indeed, any style can be manufactured in any Paolo Scafora nuances and constructions: Bologna/Flex, Goodyear, Norwegian, Tyrolese. The respect for the tradition is balanced with the innovation, as proved by the launch of Extrema, a handmade Goodyear construction featuring an amazing flexibility.


We love surprising the most demanding clients by satisfying their most daring customization desires. As Paolo jokingly says, “we don’t make shoes, we make dreams come true”. Indeed, any customization wish, any comfort need and even any whim of exclusivity, they find their natural harbour into the various services of our Laboratory. The Neapolitan craftsmanship is at the service of worldwide clients expressing the most uncommon requests. The essence of the Made-to-Order service results in the chance to combine leather skins, colours, constructions and design details. As for the Custom-Made service, it focuses on structural modifications. Finally, with the Bespoke service, the client takes an active part in the creative process.