Origin  Riccione, Italy
Specialty  Bespoke Suits, Overcoats, Trousers
Lines & Prices  Bespoke Suit €3,000+

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Our bespoke tailoring “Sartoria Edoardo Cortese” 

Marco Cirilli and Claudio Gioia, coming from the sartorial school in Rome, created in 1994 Sartoria Edoardo Cortese, a brand that can distinguish those who wear tailor-made bespoke garments.

We are members of the National Academy of Tailors in Rome and members of the Fashion Direction. The Italian Ministry of Economic Development has dedicated a publication to us as one of the best Italian tailors. The famous newspaper "La Repubblica / Affari & Finanza" has also dedicated an article to us. The magazine Monsieur / Arbiter has included us among the best Italian tailors. We have among our clients owners of famous brands.

The experience of tailors is the result of so much effort and years of sacrifice, and the love for their work, the pride and enthusiasm with which they create are unquestionable. This can be noticed in their handmade and exclusive products.

In addition to the secrets of the trade, nothing is negligible or trivial, including the choice of fabrics and the first steps a customer has to take.

The choice of fabrics and customer measurements

Choosing a fabric, for a suit, overcoat, trouser or for a shirt, is the first important step towards the final goal of a well-made tailoring garment that reflects the client's wishes. The customer, with the help of our experience and technical knowledge, will choose the fabrics suitable for his wearability and his personal taste to create a unique and exclusive tailoring garment.

Determining the right measures represents the main phase that decides the setting of the tailoring garment. Through a precise procedure and a careful conversation with the customer on what his desire is for wearability, details, dimensions or aesthetic preferences, we begin to outline the fundamental traces that allow us to produce a satisfactory first trial.

Our craftsmanship

We perform the design and we specialize in freehand cutting, synonymous with high tailoring, soft shoulder jackets, trousers, overcoats. We begin to trace with chalk the lines and curves, specific and exclusive for the client's unique build, and then continue with the cut and build the first test.

After the first try, changes are made, the interior of the jacket and trousers are made to proceed then to the necessary tests. We will then frame the canvases, linings, sleeves, cut the pockets, mount the interior exhibitions and punctuate with over 5000 dots by hand the whole garment.

The processing transforms simple materials into elements suitable for a specific need of each individual customer. Through the first and second tests, the perfect harmony is achieved between wearability and attention to detail, aimed at achieving a high-end tailoring and elegant garment.

Delivery of Bespoke Suit

For each client, a unique and exclusive model is created together with a detailed historical sheet with specific projections.

Each sartorial garment delivered is accompanied by our "Certificate of Craftsmanship".

We believe that assistance to the customer is fundamental, guaranteeing at all times a valid historical support for any modification, with a strenuous and careful precision that allows us to serve our customers with reliability.

The sartorial bespoke garment produced in our tailoring is the result of an entirely handmade process. Each customer represents the unique mold of the shapes that outline his exclusive personal model, expertly cut freehand by the Master Tailor.