Origin & Factory Italian & Turkish with Factory in Naples, Italy
Specialty  Bespoke 100% Handmade Suits and Shirts; Modern Neapolitan tailoring
Lines & Prices  MTM Suit €1.200, Bespoke Suit €2.000+ | Bespoke shirt €150+

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“Providing the best service comes before anything else, the product will always follow. What matters most in our line of work is; doing what we do best, never compromise from our quality standards and provide an excellent service. I never say ‘no’ to a client; I will create the necessary conditions wherever and however possible!” 

- Enis INCI, Co-Founder and Private Tailor


Bespoke tailoring is a refined, sophisticated process where the craftsmanship meets timeless fashion as well as the wearer’s needs. Thereby it is essential that the purpose or the occasion of the garment is elaborately stated. Whether it is a suit for a wedding, a shirt for a party or a jacket for a business trip; Sartoria Napoletana will ensure that the piece fulfils both the wearer’s and the fashion’s needs perfectly.


 Fabric selection is the critical starting point. We, as Sartoria Napoletana, hand-select our high quality fabrics from the world’s best mills. Working with an elite set of fabric purveyors sets the framework for quality and guarantees the perfect end product that our business is founded on. 
As well as the tailoring, the raw ingredients used for your suit define its true value. Thus, fabric selection is the first significant choice when you decide to have a bespoke garment. The fabric not only affects how your suit will look and feel, but also how it will endure the hardship of time and usage. The brand Sartoria Napoletana selects the best fabrics to guarantee both elegance and durability.


From the exclusively selected fabrics, to the cutting of the personal pattern, meticulous tailoring and the perfection of the fit; a bespoke suit is an unmatched hand-made garment. All bespoke tailoring created under the Sartoria Napoletana name; comprising jackets, shirts, pants and coats as well as suits; is the product of a meticulous craftsmanship improved with years of experience.


For each individual wearer, a unique pattern is created. The Sartoria Napoletana brand does not use base patterns or rely on modifications, but archives the personal patterns for later use and update them on a regular basis. 
Maintaining our clients’ patterns in our archive also substantially shortens the production process. The pattern is not only about measurements; it is all about the smallest details such as the slope of the shoulder, the arch of the back and so on.


 Achieving a bespoke fit requires multiple fittings right from the creation of the garment. 
First comes the skeleton fitting where the cutter checks the basic fit for your suit. Next comes the forward fitting, where all major alterations are made such as facings and pockets. 
Finally, the ‘finish bar finish’ fitting comes along where the suit will be completely finished apart from minor sewing such as buttonholes. The common point at all stages at the Sartoria Napoletana brand is, the focus on high satisfaction of our clients. As the tailoring is a very personal process, the fit excellently reflects the wearer’s purpose for the garment and his individual preferences.


As Sartoria Napoletana , we believe that all our garments and services must be recognized with ‘bespoke’ quality. So when we mention our ‘services’, we see them as a part of a process that begins with fabrics and concludes in our clients’ best memories. Our services are inherent in our bond with our customers. What others define as “VIP services”, we accept as “necessities of our brand’s vision”. Our comprehensive service is the very essence of Sartoria Napoletana, forging the core in the DNA of our brand.


The Sartoria Napoletana team rearranges your wardrobe, taking into consideration everything from your taste to your professional and social calendar. We curate, renew and manage your style and the pieces you should have; such as suits, jackets, trousers, shirts, shoes and accessories; such as ties, pocket squares, cufflinks, socks, scarfs, and make it much easier for you to manage your day-to- day wardrobe.