Origin  Rome, Italy
Specialty  Bespoke tailoring
Lines & Prices  Bespoke suit €3,900+

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via Sartoria Ripense

"The word "tailor" lives in the roots of my history. My grandfather was a tailor and I remember when I used to sit and watch him sew. I loved to follow his hands so simple and expert, his intuitive and precise moves, leading to that little magic... the birth of a tailor made suit.

That was the "needle and thread" couture, those were the times in which the tailor was a confidential counsellor, a friend. Those were the times of the "glad rags", made to last forever. In honour of that model and to not lose that noble craft, the idea of "Sartoria Ripense" sprang. Our passion and expertise gave life to this precious synergy of backgrounds, skills and goals, all under the same common denominator: the essence of the handcraft tradition.

So, here is this special place in the very heart of Rome, which keeps all secrets and treasures of the pure Made in Italy, that's to say not merely "home made", but holding all that unique Italian talent and style."