Origin  Naples, Italy
Specialty  Bespoke tailoring
Lines & Prices (ex VAT)  Bespoke suit €2,800+

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via Sartorial Solito

"The Italian family business 'Sartoria Solito' was founded in the 40s by the 'Maestro' Luigi Solito, who was joined at an early age by his sons Antonio and Gennaro Solito. Gennaro Solito was born in 1945 and when he was only ten years old he started to learn the first notions of tailoring guided by his experienced father. In 1966 Gennaro Solito opens his first own tailoring atelier in Via Chiaia, Naples. But after 4 years he moved his atelier to Via Toledo number 256 where he operates until today and which is, after 46 years, still the one and only atelier of Solito Tailoring in Naples. Gennaro Solito has been joined in the 90s by his son Luigi Jr. who started to learn on a daily basis the art of tailoring. 

Gennaro and Luigi have a certain preference for soft fitted jackets, which fall in a harmonious way almost as a second skin, their jackets are recognizable for the high armholes, without shoulder padding and with the most light-weighted linings you can find on the market today. The lapels are high but never exasperated and the breast shape gives their jackets a rich feeling. All their jackets tend to be a bit longer in the front, the 'Maestro' Gennaro Solito always says “La giacca nun adda zump annanz”, which means in the Neapolitan language “The jacket should never jump forward”. "