Origin  Florence, Italy
Specialty  Bespoke Shoemaking
Lines & Prices  RTW €850+ | Bespoke €2250+

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Sixpence Bespoke

Our signature service is the Sixpence Bespoke. It gets the name from the antique sixpence silver coin that we place in the box as a token of luck, according to an ancient Scottish tradition. It allows a full customization of each detail of the last and shoe and it normally comes with our signature fiddle back waist, that we call "the violin".

Blue Bespoke

Our Blue Bespoke, instead, does not allow the customization of the sole and height of the heel, allowing our craftsmen to use pre-cut components and, when possible, use our traditional 1940 Duer stitching machine to stitch the sole onto the welt. Our bespoke service currently starts at 2450.00 Euros.



Our bespoke services requires at least two fittings. First is the tracing and measuring session followed by at least one re-fitting, which is normally done 4 to 8 weeks after the measuring. Our customers are welcome to schedule an appointment anytime in one of our direct ateliers located in Florence and New York. In order to perform the refitting in a timely manner our staff is constantly traveling the globe; please check our travel schedule or send us an inquiry for our upcoming travel plans.

Express Lane Service

We also offer an Express Lane Service, which allows to have measuring and re-fitting done in Florence in two business days. We, however, require a ten day notice to book the service. After a successful re-fitting session, the normal turnaround time for a pair of shoes is about 8-10 weeks. Once the shoes have been delivered and we receive a positive feedback from the customer, the last is signed by the last-maker and kept in our workshop, waiting to be used again.


A choice of classic materials, such as Box Calf, Cowhide, Horse-front, Cordovan, Kudu (African Antelope), Suede, Deer, Bull is completed by all the “usual exotic suspects": Shark, Elephant, Hippopotamus, Crocodile, Alligator, Sting-ray, Python, Lizard, Ostrich, Seal and Perch. Even Russian reindeer dating from 1786, whose hide was recovered from a sailing ship which sank off the coast of Plymouth and was preserved using tanning methods of the period. All of our hides are licensed by Fish and Wildlife offices worldwide for trade and export.