Origin  London, U.K.
Specialty  Bespoke suits
Lines & Prices  MTM suit £1,200+ | Bespoke suit £2,800+

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Timothy Everest is a unique tailoring brand, established in the heart of Spitalfields, East London in the early ‘90s.

With retail locations situated in sophisticated Mayfair and vibrant Shoreditch, and an Atelier in Hoxton, this modern menswear brand seamlessly fuses traditional Bespoke tailoring with contemporary designs and fabrications creating beautifully crafted pieces for every man’s wardrobe.

Offering Bespoke, Made-to- Measure and Ready-to- Wear in both stores, clients are invited to explore their unique style across various price points and requirements. From sharply tailored 3 piece suits, to soft unstructured jackets and luxuriously soft cashmere blend jumpers to selvedge denim. Each and every Timothy Everest piece offers a subtle quirk to suit the needs and lifestyle of the wearer.

Timothy Everest is a brand for every gentleman, reaching beyond traditional limits of age and profession; a uniting thread at the heart of all clients is their inner creativity and spirit. This can be seen across the celebrity client list, including Ralph Fiennes, Benedict Cumberbatch, Aidan Turner, David Haye, Dermot O’Leary, as well as such style icons as Amanda Harlech and Tilda Swinton.


The Bespoke process is the pinnacle and calling card of any tailor. The placing of a bespoke order with Timothy Everest will deliver the client a wholly unique, individual sartorial masterpiece with over 70 hours of manpower poured into every garment.

At the first stage a consultation will be arranged where the client is measured by one of our experienced cutters who notes down all the individual’s details and measurements required to construct a completely personalised pattern from scratch.

Once the stylistic needs of the client have been addressed, cloth selected from the hundreds available from the finest mills and suppliers an order is placed. The Cutter then lays a paper pattern onto the selected cloth length, which he chalks (strikes) and cuts producing a series of cloth shapes, which are bundled for trimming. Once prepared with the appropriate
trimmings such as canvases, buttons and linings, the components are given to the specialist craftsman. They will then construct a baste garment in their field of expertise to form a skeleton of the finished item.


In the first fitting the client will try on the initial baste garment. The tailor will make adjustments for a perfect fit.

The garment is then returned to the workshop. It can take up to ten craftsmen to create a bespoke suit including a cutter, striker, trimmer, coat maker, waistcoat and trouser maker.

After the suit has been crafted, a second fitting will follow to check the finished garment.
Further fittings may follow if the client requires.

The fitting and construction process can take anywhere from 5-8 weeks depending on the client’s needs and the number of fittings required by the individual to suit his or her schedule.

As an alternative to our stores in Mayfair and Shoreditch, fittings may take place at the location of your convenience. Our tailors travel internationally in order to suit the schedules of our busy clientele and make regular stop-overs in New York, Toronto, LA and Tokyo.